Maruoka Finetex Cooperative
History Map
Masatoshi YANAGISAWA, Chairman
The market economy society in the 21st century needs information networks. The cooperative has established a network system for common use of production information.
Demand for delivery of small lots in a short period of time has been increasing recently. We must take prompt measures to quicken production of woven labels.
The new system provides information on the production condition of the cooperative members, and is effective for adjustment of production ability.
We believe that the Intranet contributes to the activation of the textile industry in Maruoka-cho and gives us many advantages.
Business contents
1. Joint purchase and sales of raw materials (Raw color yarn, FS yarn, rayon, folding plate)
2. Joint processing of raw materials (Sizing, production of jacquard card, transfer and carving)
3. Joint ordering
4. Labor assurance equipment leasing
5. Specification of woven mark standard price
6. Management and technical improvement, provision of information
7. Welfare of cooperative members and labor improvement
8. R&D of new products and development of usage
9. Promotion of information network business
Management organization
Investment: 40,010,000 yen
(As of March 2003)
Number of cooperative members: 139
Area: 3,660 m2
Buildings: Center (Office, training center, warehouse)
Reinforced concrete 2-story high 539 m2
Sizing plants
Steel-frame building 1-story high 699 m2
Reinforced concrete 3-story high 250 m2
Steel-frame 2-story building 462 m2
Warping machine 3
Yarning machine 3
Sizing machine 1
Co-winder 4
One-punch transfer and carving machine 1
Jacquard card reader
Automatic knitting machine 1
Condition of companies (as of March 2001)
The Japanese economy is still in a long slump, and there is no bright future in store for us. In May 2000, CLARE Co., Ltd. suddenly advised us to stop production of raw rayon yarn, and the cooperative could not sell the major products after that.

Consequently, the sales and profit decreased drastically after 2001. We are in danger now. We have already developed FS yarn. We have increased the number of strong FS yarn colors with luster and beautiful hues, and prepared a sample book, which includes 3M yarn. We are now trying to expand the sales routes.

We also promote establishment of the information network, and send our information all over the world and create new business chances.

We have established a basic system to prepare a homepage, order/accept product orders, control production/inventory/lot, etc. and improved the management efficiency of the cooperative itself and cooperative companies.

In addition, we develop new products and find new sales routes as well as make investigations on procurement of raw materials to reduce production costs.
By the development of the above projects, we support one another and improve our economical and social status based on the principle of the cooperative, "cooperation".
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