Maruoka Finetex Cooperative
 Echizen textile
Woven labels are special products in Maruoka-cho. Maruoka commands 85% of production in Japan. Recently, emblems, artistic textiles (images of historical sites, beautiful scenery, famous persons), and ribbons are designed using computers, and manufactured and sold.
 FS yarn
FS yarn is a strong, beautiful yarn with luster.
What is Maruoka Finetex Cooperative?
Maruoka-cho, Fukui Prefecture is one of the biggest production sites in Japan. The Cooperative was established for development of the textile industry.
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Maruoka Finetex Cooperative
23-14-1 Ipponden Fukusyo, Maruoka-cho, Sakai city, Fukui Prefecture, 910-0251 JAPAN
TEL: 0776-66-3700
FAX: 0776-66-3703
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Kouichi Morichika
Chairman of General Affairs Committee
Our Cooperative is located in Maruoka-cho, Fukui Prefecture, where about 85 percent of woven labels in Japan are manufactured. The mainstream of labels in the world is the woven label which can be mass-produced by rapier and needle looms. We have about 2,500 shuttle looms in Maruoka for flexible production in a short delivery period. Maruoka is one of the biggest production districts in the world.

As you know, a woven label gives high-density, high-quality, yet delicate product. It is soft and comfortable with selvages. Our Cooperative has developed a raw polyester color yarn with luster, which can endure various processes such as high temperature and high pressure. The yarn is provided exclusively for woven labels. We can supply safe and high-quality woven labels all over the world.

The Cooperative has established an information network system of about 1,000 looms possessed by 26 companies. The system is good for satisfying customers' demands, and for getting new business chances by delivering a large volume of products of equal quality in a short period. For example, if you search for 24 mm wide satin polyester with a white warp, you can find in a moment how many looms can be used and when the production of the polyester can be started. You can find how many looms are necessary to deliver 1,000,000 labels per month, and which company can meet the customer's demand.

We would like to find new demands for shuttle labels by utilizing the network. Active use of this system leads development of our business for the next generation. We look forward to you accessing the network.